Comedy Classes

Ready to dive into stand-up? Taught at the Fine Arts Center at Colorado College, Cesar will help you hone a five minute set ready for live performance. Be prepared to dig deep and break down both creative and personal barriers. You won’t just learn stand-up, you will become more confident and capable, both on-stage and off. 


What You’ll Learn

  • Why We Laugh
  • Appropriate Targets
  • Best Techniques for Openers
  • Segues
  • Persona
  • Premise, Setup, Punchline
  • Joke Writing Categories
  • Performance Strategies
  • Crafting the 5 Minute Set

Does the class work? Absolutely. You get results. Many of our students have gone on to become working comedians, been accepted into comedy festivals and more.


Media Kit

Work for the media? Here are the resources you need.