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Cesar Cervantes

Cesar inspires individuals and organizations to create greater joy and authentic leadership in the workplace through keynote speaking and workshops, using stand-up as the common thread.  Much of his career has been spent in leadership positions within higher education, though his love for stand-up, is what makes his keynotes and workshops unique and entertaining. He teaches Stand-Up Writing & Performance at Colorado College and was a contestant on Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight.

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At Work

Keynote Speaking & Workshops

Keynote speaking for employee orientation and conferences, department  training and team-building workshops are a few examples of how Cesar helps your workplace achieve healthier dynamics and build leadership skills with a laugh.

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On Campus

Keynote Speaking & Workshops

Keynote speaking for orientation and graduations, residential life staff training and student group workshops are just a few examples of how Cesar helps campuses achieve healthier dynamics and develop leadership skills with a laugh. 

Stand Up

In The Classroom

Learn Stand-Up Comedy

After experiencing one of Cesar’s speeches or workshops, many have asked about diving into stand-up or learning more bout inserting humor into their own public speaking. His stand-up focused classes and coaching are the answer.